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Coming soon we will have a gift card program. By purchasing gift cards to your favourite shop with us. We will earn 3-15% of the value of the card.


Stay tuned for deatails!




Earn Rewards with Arts Points.


Opera di Concertisti is proud to be part of the arts points reward club. Just like airlines points this new card gives you access to earn points to see some of your favourite artists, and events.


You can redeem your points for the performances we produce!


Go to Arts Points for details.

Shop with Us

Helping out  can be rewarding

Helping out doesn't have to be a headache or a donation.




We offer our supporters new ways to help us grow while doing some of the things you always do. If you are magazine subscribers, consider renewing or purchasing your magzines through our efunding site. We both win! You get up to 87% off your subscription and we get 37% of the final cost before taxes!


There are over 500 magazines to choose from, so I'm sure you'll find one to love! They make great gifts, for students off to school elsewhere or to friends. 


It's a great alternative to donating money!

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