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Starting this fall Opera Di Concertisti is offering Cinderella tickets to members of the public who can not otherwise attend. Living in Vancouver can be an expensive endeavour. Our Cinderella tickets are available to individuals and families on either social assistance or on goverment disability.


You can register with us with proof of assistance and we will make tickets available to you at a 5 dollar price or free when available.


The Cinderellla tickets are made possible by a gift by Opera di Concertisti and a matching fund by donors. Interested donors donate to the Meraviglie Fund.


Each donation of ten dollars creates a five dollar Cinderella ticket (we match your funds!)

Donations of 15 dollars create free Cinderella tickets.


Donees included Covenant House, More than a Roof, and the MPA society, which we visted  to invite their residents. We hope that we can extend some hospitality to those in need!






Cinderella Tickets

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